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Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles 

Aluminum Trekking Poles 

Trekking poles are simple to use and provide a load of support for hikers, walkers, and backpackers of all ages. Whether you're crossing flat surfaces or probing uncertain terrain, they can provide stability, relieve pressure from your body, and also help to establish and maintain a consistent rhythm and increase speed. Trekking poles can help to reduce impact over time and prolong your body's capabilities. For first time users, trekking poles may not be as intuitive as one might hope.


  • Exceptional Quality and Lightweight: Better than your buddy’s average trekking poles. Crafted from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, each 10.4-ounce trekking pole is more durable and less likely to snap under lateral pressure compared to a carbon fiber trekking pole. 
  • Quick Lock Mechanism: Designed with rugged terrain in mind. Easily adjust your trekking poles from 26”- 54” without breaking your stride. 
  • Cork Grip with Extended EVA Down Grip: Ergonomically designed for optimal performance without sacrificing comfort. A natural-feeling cork grip reduces the vibration caused by rugged terrain for increased comfort. The extended EVA down grip is unrivaled in size as it provides a considerable amount of space for hand placement, making those steep inclines more bearable. The adjustable wrist straps ensure a secure grip regardless of the weather conditions. 
  • Conquer All Terrain and Conditions: Equipped with the tungsten carbide tips for year-round hiking. Adapt to extreme terrain or weather conditions by utilizing the included rubber snow and mud baskets, rubber boots, and rubber tips. 
  • Portable: Easily store and transport your trekking poles in your hiking pack or backpack with the included travel bag. Whether you are Nordic walking, day hiking, overnight hiking, or thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, bring your trekking poles with you wherever your next adventure is.

Trekking Poles- Cascade Mountain Tech Lightweight Aluminum Trekkig poles.

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