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 Benefits and complimentary amenities for camper vehicle renters


  • Access to facilities at our shop. Located 5 minutes from airport, we offer charging stations, bathroom, luggage storage, lockers, fresh brewed coffee, food and beverages, quality camping, snorkeling, and beach gear rentals. (available to non-camper vehicle renters)

  • Free wi-fi. (available to non-camper vehicle renters)

  • Free coffee. (available to non-camper vehicle renters)

  • 10% discount for retail items at our shop including souvenirs (cannot be combined with other promotional offers)

  • Roofnest campers with built-in mattress

  • Pillows X 2

  • Set of Linens  X 1

  • Sleeping Bags-Provided on Request X 2

  • Beach Towels X 2

  • Beach Chairs  X 2

  • Stove & Propane X 1 each

  • Pan and Spatula X 1 each

  • Salt & Pepper X 1 set

  • Cooking Oil X 2 10ml packets

  • Cutting Board and Knife X 1

  • Knife Sharpener X 1

  • Kettle and Cooking pot X 1each

  • Wine/Bottle Opener X 1

  • Cups, Plates, and Cutleries X 2 sets each

  • Dish Soap and Cleaning Sponge X 1 each

  • Pre filled 5 Gallon water (for rinsing off) X 1

  • Paper Towel / Toilet Paper X 1tube

  • Cooler X 1

  • Lanterns X 1

  • Folding Table X 1

  • First Aid Kit X 1

  • Hand Sanitizer X 1

  • Usb Adapter X 1

  • Jumper  X 1

  • Flash Light, Hand Crank Radio & Battery Pack X 1

  • Shovel X 1


* Please note that camper vehicle amenities are for two people. If you have a party greater than two, please request additional items through the add-ons from the platform you are on, or purchase them directly from our website at a discounted rate. At checkout, let us know your name and date of pickup.

Facilities available at our shop

Our shop is designed to offer a relaxing place for our customers to unwind and decompress. We offer free coffee and air-conditioned comfortable seating, free wifi, charging stations and clean bathroom facilities. We also provide luggage storage and access to food and beverages. We stock plenty of essentials ranging from camping food, ice and camping gadgets, to reef friendly sunscreen. These items are ready for pickup, saving you time and effort from having to go elsewhere to obtain them.

Roofnest Campers

All our camping vehicles are fitted with Roofnest Tents. Versatile and easy to set up, it's no wonder that Roofnest is the leader in roof top tents. These campers come with a built-in 2-3 inch king and queen size mattresses that offer ample space for a comfortable night's sleep. 

One of the highlights that makes our Roofnest Condor campers so unique is its palatial skylight. With this camper, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a plush evening gazing at the twinkling Maui night sky in the lap of luxury. 

.We recommend watching the camper setup videos on our website and getting familiar with the setup before you open the rig. A video and setup tips is available on our camping information page.

Tacoma Overland Rental - Visit Maui in our Toyota Tacoma equipped with a hard shell Roof Nest Condor XL & camping essentials


2 Pillows, Standard Size- Placed inside the Camper.

Pillow rentals set - Kahului Maui

Set of Linens
Set Of Linens, includes 1 Fitted, 1 Flat, and 2 pillow cases. 

Linens rental set - Kahului Maui
Towel rental set - Kahului Maui

Sleeping Bags
Maui is warm, most of the time this add on is not necessary, save space in your vehicle. If you are camping higher elevation like Homers Grove or  Poli Poli, this is a must have.  Maximum of 2 Sleeping bags are provided on request. 

Sleeping Bag rental set - Kahului Maui

Beach Towels
Set of 2 Beach Towels.

Beach Towels rental set - Kahului Maui

Beach Chairs
2 Folding Beach Chairs. Light Weight, easy to carry. 

Tommy Bahama beach chair rentals - Kahului Maui

Stove and Propane
Burner,  and 1 canister of Propane

Gasone stove with butane fuel - Kahului Maui

Pan and Spatula
Aluminum Mini Fry Pan and Silicone Spatula

Cooking set rentals - Kahului Maui

Salt and Pepper
A set of Salt and Pepper

Salt & Pepper - Kahului Maui

Cooking oil.
Single Serve Packets of Olive Oil, for Cooking and Salad Dressing. 2 Packets, 0.33 fl.oz, 10ml

Olive oil - Kahului Maui

Cutting Boar and Knife
A cutting board and a Knife is provided with the camping gear.

Chopping board & knife - Kahului Maui

Knife Sharpener
We provide a sharpener in the cooking gear

Knife sharpener - Kahului Maui

Kettle and Pot
1 Small Kettle and Cooking Pot

Kettle and pot rental - Kahului Maui

Wine / Bottle opener
Wine and Bottle

Wine bottle opener - Kahului Maui

Cups, Plates & Cutleries
2 cups, 2 Plates plates, and a set of cutters ( spoon, fork, & knife)  

Utensils - Kahului Maui

Dish Soap and Cleaning Sponge
1 small bottle of dish soap and a cleaning sponge.

Hand soap - Kahului Maui

Pre filled 5 Gallon water
Pre filled, 5 Gallon of Water for Rinsing Off.

Water container - Kahului Maui

Paper Towel / Toilet Paper
A tube of expendable wipes. Compressed paper tablet coin Tissues. Expended when water is added. Soft & Odor Free-10 Tablet Coins

Additional batteries - Kahului Maui

1 Cooler Igloo 28 QT Laguna Ice Chest Cooler

Cooler rentals - Kahului Maui

1 Lanterns ( Ready To Go)

Lantern rentals - Kahului Maui

Folding Table
Foldable Portable Camping Table

Camping table rentals - Kahului Maui

First Aid Kit & Hand Sanitizer, 
Standard first aid kit and a small bottle of hand sanitizer 

First aid kit -Kahului Maui

Flash Light, Hand Crank Radio, & Battery Pack3 in 1. Flash light, Radio, and a Battery pack. 

Hand crank radio - Kahului Maui

USB Adapter
Car adapter

Car charger - Kahului Maui

Portable Car Battery Jump Starter 

Battery jumper - Kahului Maui

A multipurpose folding shovel

Portable shovel - Kahului Maui
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