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High-density, foam-core, self-inflating, Sleeping Pad. 

The Hinman is a self-inflating, high-density foam-core cold-weather pad with a two-way adjustable valve that makes inflation, deflation, and micro-adjustments easier than ever. The soft, stretch-fabric top provides a cushioned yet very durable sleeping surface. With options for cushioned thickness up to 4" / 10cm, these pads are a great choice when seeking durability and supreme insulation in colder temps. 


SIZE: 25" X 78" X 2.5"

Total Weight: 59oz

R Value: 5

Packed Size: 27" x 6"Thickness: 2.5"






Sleeping Pads - Big Agnes Hinman Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

  • At times,  manual inflation may be needed to fully inflate the pad, we have included an inflator and instructions with the rental

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