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Camping Blanket

Forceatt Camping Blanket, 79" X 57" Large Outdoor Blanket, Sandproof, Waterproof for Outdoor Festivals, Beaches, Picnics, Stadium,Camping, Parks, Hiking, Travel, Family Suitable for 4 Seasons.

  • Shaker Fleece 
  • Wind and sand resistance: the picnic blanket has a cover woven from 210T polyester football netting which is tear resistant, sand and wind resistant. The lining material is shaker fleece. Soft, skin-friendly and insulating from design to finish, it is a product that has been carefully designed by our developers to withstand the cold and provide you with the utmost comfort. 
  • Multifunctional blanket: can be used as a camping blanket, picnic blanket, beach blanket, travel blanket, dog blanket, car blanket, emergency blanket,Playmat,the blanket can be placed on the floor where children and dogs can play on it. Share quality time with your loved ones by the campfire, under a blanket. You can use it when travelling or travelling by plane so you can get a good night's sleep. 



Camping Blanket - Forceatt Camping Blanket

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