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Nature Calls

Portable Toilet Kit For Adults & Families, Pop Up Privacy Tent, Camping Folding Toilet Seat,  Toilet bags


- Popup Privacy Tent: The Roofnest Privacy Tent is a multifunctional and portable mini-room which can be used for changing, showering, or anything else where a little privacy is needed. The convenient pop-up design means setup and takedown will be a breeze and you can spend more time having funExterior: 47"x47"x75"The tent is constructed from durable, waterproof material, high quality zippers, and a strong and lightweight internal frame. The Roofnest Privacy Tent comes with a fly that can be attached to provide protection from above and a handy ground mat that allows for easy drainage


- GO Anywhere Complete Portable Camping Toilet - Comes with 3 Toilet Kits (Waste Bag with Poo Powder, Zip-Close Storage Bag, Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer) The GO Anywhere Complete Portable Camping Toilet is the ultimate solution for your outdoor adventures. Whether you're ice fishing, camping, or snowmobiling, this portable toilet offers convenience, comfort, and environmental friendliness.

What sets this portable toilet apart is its eco-friendly design. It utilizes a NASA-developed gelling agent that effectively breaks down waste, traps odors, and turns liquids into a stable gel. This unique solution allows for easy and sanitary disposal in regular trash.


    Nature Calls Package - Privacy Tent, Toilet seat and Biodegradable bag.

    • The Go Anywhere portable toilet comes with 3 disposable bag kits. . If you wish to add additional refill packs(Waste Bag with Poo Powder, Zip-Close Storage Bag, Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer). This is available in the retail page.

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