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Size Rectangular: 80" L x 33" W

Size Mummy: 80" L X 32" W

Weight: 1 lb. 5oz

Stuffed Size 8"L X 3.5" D


Using a liner will eliminate all the dirt that gets transferred from the great outdoors to your sleeping bag. If you ever need a light cover in the summertime, the liner can double as a sheet as well. 

  • Cotton
  • Cozy sleeping bag liner for mummy &  rectangle style sleeping bags
  • Made of high quality poly cotton fabric that will keep you warm all night
  • Convienently includes a standard stuff sack for easy travel
  • Features #5 separating zipper


Liners - ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag / Sleeping Pad Liner

  • Choose the type of liner from the drop down menu. Mummy liners work well with mummy sleeping bags. Rectangular liners can be used with sleeping bags as well as sleeping pads. Two Rectangle Liners can be zipped together to create a double liner.

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