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If you love camping outdoors, then this portable rechargeable camping Lights is a must-have for every outdoor camping enthusiast! 


> 10000mAh rechargeable battery,provides very long usage time. 

> Charge the mobile phone and say goodbye to the anxiety of insufficient outdoor power. 

> Telescopic and collapsible design, easy to carry and use. 

> Equipped with a storage bag, travel more convenient 

> Adjustable the brightness and color temperature of the light,meet your needs. 

> It has magnetic function and can be adsorbed on the iron metal surface, which brings great convenience for your use. 

> Equipped with 3 ground nails, camping lights can be easily fixed on the lawn. 

> Lamp head has IPX7 waterproof,and the main part of the camping light also has IPX5 waterproof 

> Suitable for many occasions, outdoor camping, hiking ,night fishing,outdoor adventure,live streaming and more.

Lantern -Heyija Telescopic Lantern, 10000mAh Rechargeable, Waterproof

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