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The Scepter SmartControl fuel containers are the next generation of rugged gas cans that provide you with a fast and hassle-free experience. This 2 Gal. can features a simple spout and flame mitigation device, this product eliminates frustration with an easy-to-use, hard-to-break design with an added layer of protection. The Scepter SmartControl gasoline container also has a squeeze controlled flow rate which makes filling everything from edgers to blowers a simpler, cleaner, safer experience



  • Easy to Pour - A simple squeeze starts the gas flowing
  • Controllable flow rate means no spilling. Squeeze less for a little, squeeze more for a lot
  • Flows fast, up to 3 Gal. per minute, with an integrated air vent in spout
  • Great for chain saws, trimmers, and other smaller lawn and garden or automotive equipment
  • EPA / CARB & Child Safety Compliant

Fuel Canister - Scepter 2 Gal SmartControl fuel container

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