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Easy Adventure Package

On to top of all complementary amenities provided with the vehicle, add this for $99 and enjoy these added benefits worth over $125.


- Airport Pickup/and Drop Offs (worth $25). 

During shop hours (Mon to Sat, 8 am to 5 pm): We will arrange transportation to the shop and back to the airport.

Outside shop hours: We will arrange Uber rides to our location and back to Ariport (we will share an Uber Voucher and detailed instruction).

- Rinse-kit (worth $25). The RinseKit is the ultimate portable shower - for camping, at the beach, and everything in between. stay clean anywhere!


- Yeti Cooler (worth $30). Upgrade to a Yeti Roadie cooler, keep the stuff in you cooler cold for days.


- Beach Umbrella (worth $15). Maui has some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. With an umbrella, you are prepared for Maui sun, enjoy a book or simply enjoy the scenery.


- Hammock (worth $10). Hammocks support the body uniformly, leaving us feeling weightless and cocooned, hearkening back to our swaddled youth. The gentle sway of a hammock produces a rocking motion, and this rocking motion is both calming and soporific.

- An Extra Lantern (worth 5). Your rental includes a lantern, this will add a second lantern.


- 2 Headlamps (worth $10). When you're setting up your tent at night, trail running at dusk, or just looking for something in your camper, you can't beat the hands-free lighting convenience offered by a headlamp. 

Easy Adventure Package

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