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Whether a beginner or chef supreme, the Santoku Knife Set will help you create gourmet dishes as you enjoy the great outdoors camping, hiking or in your backyard! This set offers three versatile stainless steel knives with easy-grip rubber handles—Santoku, paring, and serrated. Extras include a folding cutting board, soap bottle, and dish cloth. The Santoku Knife Set, weighing in at just under 1.5 pounds, allows for top-of-the line preparation of delicious, hearty meals with skillfully cut meats, vegetables, breads, and more.


  • Prepare meals like a pro with highly-specialized stainless steel Santoku, serrated, and paring knives—prep breads, meats, vegetables, fruits, and more 
  • Safe-handling with protective sheaths and sure-grip rubber handles; Sheaths also preserve blade sharpness, adding long-last durability 
  • Compact ballistic case keeps gear organized; Stores snugly in car, 4WD, RV, or backpack; Portable, easy-carry case perfect for backcountry trips 
  • Clean knives and utensils with included soap bottle and microfiber dish cloth 
  • Feeding your love of the great outdoors since 1985; Product design rooted in innovation, durability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility

Dimensions: 11.6 in x 7.5 in x 2

Weight: 1.5 punds



Cutting Board and Knife set- GSI Outdoors, Santoku Knife Set and Cutting Board

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