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Cot Tents  sits almost a foot  above the ground and provides protection from rocks, insects and uneven ground that can present a challenge to a great night's sleep outdoors. The sleeping platform design eliminates uncomfortable cross bars and struts typically found in traditional camping cots


2 Person Pakcage

- Tent -The Kamp-Rite® CTC DoubleTent Cot. A tent and a cot that combine to create a comfortable off-the-ground sleep shelter. Bed: 85″L x 55″W. Tent: 85″L x 55″W x 41″H

-  2 Cot Mattress Pad - REDCAMP Cot Pads for Camping, Soft Comfortable Cotton Sleeping Cot Mattress Pad 75"x29"

-  2 Pillow - Redcamp Camping Pillow with removable pillow cover)

-  2 Mattress Pad Liners

Cot Tent Packages (1-2 person) - KampRite Double Cot Tent

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