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Bug Zapper Outdoor Wireless Mosquito Zapper Indoor Portable Camping Bug Zapper 2500mAh Electric Trap Ideal for Fly Traps 

  • [Day & Night Sensor] The new STAFI bug zapper is embedded with a day & night sensor. If you use it in your room, just press the auto button and it will automatically turn on the mosquito control mode whenever night comes and will automatically sleep at dawn. Just need to clean up the bug carcasses regularly, without the need to turn them on frequently. 
  • [Warm light and purple light two in one] This is a portable exterminator with powerful functions, it can not only help you destroy bugs, but also provide you with desk lamp-level lighting, which means if you take her outdoors camping, it can completely replace your camping light while destroying flying bugs. 
  • [2500mAh high-capacity battery] It can be charged quickly and easily via micro USB, and the 2500mAh can last up to 16 hours of operation. You can take it with you and put it anywhere, no wires are needed. Just turn on the power to attract a large number of insects and end it immediately with a high-voltage electric shock. 
  • [16 Blue-violet light LEDs] According to the mosquitoes' habit, the Blue-violet light LEDs of the exterminator can accurately release ultraviolet light waves of about 365nm, and the mosquitoes will automatically rush to the grid and be killed. Easy to use, this device is very suitable for indoor use, such as in houses and travel.

Bug Zapper

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