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The Titan Kettle 1400mL is an ideal lightweight cook pot made of titanium. It features measurement lines inside for easy volume measuring, an improved spout for precision pouring, silicone-coated folding handles, and a snug-fitting lid with a silicone hanger. The entire Titan cookware collection can be nested together with a stove and fuel canister for a customized cooking setup.


  • Ultralight & Durable: Weighs a mere 5.4 oz (153 g); titanium is half the weight of steel and twice the strength of aluminum.
  • Precise Pour: Improved spout for easy pouring into dehydrated meal pouches.
  • Folding Comfort Handles: Silicone-coated handles fold closed for packing and are comfortable to hold.
  • Easy Measurements: Internal volume graduation marks for quick liquid measurements.

Titan Kettle 1400ml- MSR Titanium Kettle

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