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Package include:

- Tent: Coleman Instant Cabin with Rain Fly, waterproof.

- Sleeping Pad: Big Agnes self-inflating pad, size: 25" x 78" x 2.5".

- Pillow: Redcamp Sleeping Pillow, size: 20" x 12" x 3".

Sleeping pads and pillows will be provided based on the number of people selected.


Coleman instant tent

Coleman's Skylodge tents are easy to set up and can resist winds up to 35 mph, providing protection for all campers.


Redcamp Pillow

This travel pillow is great for camping. Filled with soft cotton, it's comfortable and lightweight, weighing only 0.7lbs. It measures 20"x12"x3" when open and 11"x6" when compacted into the carry bag.


Big Agness sleeping pad

Hinman is a self-inflating, foam-core, cold-weather pad with an adjustable valve.

Tent Packages - Coleman Instant Cabin Tent, Big Agnes Sleeping Pad, Redcamp P

    • Liner for sleeping pads
    • Lantern
    • Head Lamp
    • Camping Chair
    • Camping Table 
  • Consider the idal capacity rather than the manufactures rated capacity





    1p              1p

    Usually comfortable for 1 person with gear

    2p 1p

    Spacious for 1 person, too small for 2 people

    3p 2p

    A very tight fit for 3 average adults

    4p 2p

    Spacious for 2-3 people

    6p 4p

    Fits a family of 4 comfortably

    8p 6p

    Comfortable for 6 if some are children



    Comfortable for 6 plus gear


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