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Whether on a relaxing camping holiday, at your mobile cook stand or on the beach - Boxio mobile washbasin is your faithful companion. It is lightweight, compact and completely self-sufficient.


Dimensions: 15.75"D x 11.81"W x 11.02"H


  • Boxio Wash outdoor sink station with hose hook up is the go to sink solution for any campers. You can use it to wash your hands, brush your teeth, clean your food, wash your dishes, wherever you want. 
  • Boxio  washing station is designed to be conveniently portable. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transport on camping trips or any outdoor trip/gathering in general. 
  • Unique design made with recycled materials for an eco-concious option. Enjoy the marvel of nature with this stylish yet sustainable portable sink for camping. 
  • No need for installation or any electric supply. Simply fill the separate canister with water and use the pump faucet for a mobile sink solution. 
  • Conveniently lightweight and easy to move around, this portable hand washing station is perfect for both solo campers and families on the go.



Portable Sink- Boxio Portable Camping Sink

  • - Rinse Kit

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